Stephanie Shank

Stephanie Shank is an abstract expressionist painter who exhibits with galleries throughout the country. Exposed to the world of painting as a young girl, she watched in fascination as her mother, an oil painter who studied at Washington University with Max Beckman and Philip Guston, expressively applied vivid hues and bold brushstrokes to the canvas. From those closely observed sessions, her passion to paint was catalyzed.


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she studied painting at Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri and the University of Missouri in Kansas City where she received her B.F.A. in painting. The following decade, she applied her creative talents practically through commercial art and window display design for department stores. Those years were also punctuated with independent studies with influential mentors and workshops. She relocated to the desert Southwest in 1987 where the stunningly clear light of her Arizona environs illuminates and informs the brilliant hues of her expressionistic paintings. Working in mixed media, her artistic vision expresses an imaginary and purely balanced world with every canvas. 

Artist Statement:  My work is an extension of my wish to honor the delight and innocence nascent within all of us.  I hope to bring a flash of light onto the darkness of a crazy world.  In spite of the world trying to eclipse any semblance of happiness, I take on happiness, beckoning it with vibrancy of color, nuances of light, and unbridled mark making.  My expression is that of a primal need to uplift and contribute to the beauty that surrounds me.  The work is developed subconsciously by my daily sensate experiences.  Chaos arises over and over, but it's a very beautiful chaos, one that presents endless possibilities.  Playful freedom transports me to a place that makes meaning out of the chaos.  While at play, I sometimes feel breakthrough of innocence, an unconscious transformation, an undeniable surrender.  Emergent from this transformative process is the only truth I know.  

Stephanie is currently represented by Blue Print in Dallas, TX; Butters Gallery in Portland, OR;  The Globe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Costello-Childs Contemporary Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ; John Brooks in Denver, CO; Serendip in Norfolk, VA; and Camellia Arts in Hilton Head, SC.

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