Carolyn Evans

Carolyn Rosenberg Evans originally from New Orleans lived in Massachusetts and paints alongside her husband John Evans. She earned her BFA from Boston University in 1970. 


Originally from New Orleans, Carolyn lives in South Natick, Massachusetts and paints alongside her artist husband, John Evans.  Many of her compositions are recognizable for the use of a house as a focal point and the energetic, playful spread of paint on the canvas.  Sometimes her houses are anthropomorphic with eyes and lips, or sometimes hair sprouts from the rooftops.  Other times, the houses are flattened into color field blocks of space.  The focus on the house might remind us of our own homes or home towns; it may be nostalgic or heartwarming; other times, Carolyn is commenting on some element of her past.  Each painting has a story just as each family or friendship has a history, and in Carolyn's case, many of the scenarios in her work have to do with her life in New Orleans.  When she painted a series of work in response to Hurricane Katrina, Carolyn was honored with a solo show at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Massachussetts in 2008.  Entitled "Katrina's Third Birthday, No Cake," the show included paintings that expressed the artist's sorrow at the loss of her family home in Metairie, Louisiana.  On the other hand, Carolyn has a clever way of bringing light to dark situations.  Pictures of houses on large stilts and boats steering their way to Jazz Fest made viewers smile and reminisce about the city.

Recent paintings are mainly concerned with geometry, color atmosphere, space and light. She is often engaged with whimsy and tragedy and it’s connectedness between the real world and her visual sensibility. Starting a painting with a blank canvas continues to be her biggest challenge. She has no plan. There is only paint and a brush, awareness of color, rhythm, geometry and movement. Paint the painting, hear the music, dance the dance and look for the poetry. Her most recent paintings are abstract. She has discarded the icons of the stories she has told and has moved into the pure world of relationships on the canvas. Without a story there is difficulty in finding the resolve. She hopes that my audience will enjoy this work on its purest level.

Carolyn Rosenberg Evans earned her BFA from Boston University in 1970.  She is represented by Blue Print in addition to other galleries in New Orleans, LA; Boston, MA; Jupiter, FL; and Nantucket. Her work resides in the collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT and in many corporate and private collections.

Artist's Statement

In painting as in sculpture, the driving force of my work is its construction in the classical sense.  The monumentality of form in space wants to emote the whimsy and tragedy observed in the human spirit and in the natural world.

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